under construction. 66.


!qwe! My first architecture studio, instructed by Yishai Well and Michael Walma van der Molen focused on one simple bench in Ibn Ezra St. in Jerusalem. in Jerusalem. After spending some time seating there and after series of documentations of the place, I developed a model in which the bench is being built from the ground. Some cuts and folds of one sheet of paper. !qwe! This model led to series of models that ended with the end of the semester. 12-01.


under construction. 66.


!qwe! Each project in the studio the Political Ideas Dictionary, instructed by Dr Erez Golani Solomon and Liya Kohavi, describes one word by architectural means. In my case the word is food. !qwe! !qwe! screen A- The site has two centers: the gristmill and the water reservoir. Around them dwelling/baking houses are being built and around them wheat fields are being planted according to the quantity required. The process stops when there isn't enough rain and the water reservoir is depleted. !qwe! screen B- The houses take the place of the wheat fields but few fields remain empty. Later, those areas are used to mould and dry bricks and also function as distribution areas for the center gristmill flour. !qwe! screen C- The construction of the baking/dwelling house from isometric view. !qwe! screen D- The baking process dictates the design of the house which contains a baking oven, niches for storing flour and for leavening, water well and a table for kneading and eating. !qwe! screen E- On going section/elevation of the house. While the baking area is being built, Sleeping alcoves are being dug. !qwe! screen F- The infinite baking make surpluses of bread which are buried in the sleeping alcoves. 20.

Stadium Pangea

!qwe! under construction. !qwe! !qwe! !qwe! under construction. 03-13-21.

Jardin du Luxembourg

!qwe! Project from a semester at Ecole Sp├ęciale in Paris. !qwe! Each couple in the studio Differential Urbanism, instructed by Martial Marquet, Peter Zellner and Alfonso Medina, replaned an area in Paris or LA. Nizar Nsiri and I worked on the area of Jardin du Luxembourg on purpose to change its enclosed character. 23.

A library in Dimona

!qwe! In this semester, Periphery Studio, instructed by Zvi Efrat and Ron Gross, chose Dimona as the city to research and design for. Soon, I found out that back in the 70's my grandfather, Jacques Hertz design and build a comprehensive high school at Dimona. This school and many others were designed after my grandfather took a study about designing schools while applying an industrial and modular construction approach. The study set the measurement of 120 cm as the basic module to design with and includes detailed specifications for designing schools. !qwe! Subsequently, I tried to adopt the modular approach and design with it a public library at Dimona, a building that is characterized by a certain degree of uncertainty about the events it can hold in addition to its books shelves. 11-22.


The last part of the new rail track between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, A1 line, is being paved. !qwe! This is the first step toward the construction of A0... 04-19-24.

Cereals Mobiles

Some hanging mobiles that I have designed and built in my spare time. Short breaks from code writing. 00-10.


Small lampshade design to a standing lamp. A replacement to the shade that have been broken. 02.

Flash Stuff

under construction. 66.